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Richard Gibson MA has 20 years experience as a practising ceramicist, sculptor, project manager, lecturer and events leader. He has gained national exposure for his work and exhibited internationally.

Richard has worked with a range of materials to create public sculpture on a permanent and often significant scale but clay remains a constant source of fascination for him. Clients who take part in his programmes often find that creating art using this medium with their bare hands is stimulating, therapeutic and satisfying.

Early on in his career Richard recognised the importance of team-building activities in order to bring cohesion to a group of fellow workers.  He has extended this knowledge to the corporate world and uses three dimensional art as the medium through which he helps individuals develop the skills required in order to become  fully-fledged members of a team.

Team-building with Claydayz improves productivity, employee motivation and is also a great way to reward staff or reinforce a particular company message.